We have a huge variety of fine quality rubies heated and unheated from Burma and Africa from 1 to 10 carats and above.

You can find Rubies in many shapes e.g ovals, rounds, octagons (Emerald cut), heart shapes etc and in many shades from pinkish red, dark red to the vivid red "Pigeons Blood" to carter to all tastes.

All the rubies are well cut and we see to it that quality is not sacrified for the sake of quantity. Please visit us to match your requirments.

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Fine Padparadschas with its mystifying colors from the "Sun rise" to "Sun set".


Red, blue and Pink spinels from Burma, Srilanka and various other sources from 1cts upto 10cts and above.

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Blue Zircons

Blue zircon from Cambodia, free single stones to calibrated sizes. Diamond cut from 1mm upto 8mm. We can manufacture any particular sizes and shapes you may require. All you have to do us tell us your choice.

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To satisfy our customer we now provide certificates for most of our stones. We provide certificates from labs such as GRS swiss lab, GIA, Lotus and Gublien.


Fine quality single stones heated and unheated from 1 to 15 cts and above from Ceylon(Sri Lanka), Africa and Burma.

Our stock consists of Blue sapphires in many shades from light blue to medium (Cornflower) and the intense (Royal) blue color.

Yellow Sapphires, Pink Sapphire and White sapphire in various shapes and sizes in heated and unheated.

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